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Multi branch school management system

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Multi branch is a school administration and management system which provides a complete solution to streamline all major activities of an educational institution. Multi branch can be implemented either as a cloud-based or as a self-hosted solution based on the client’s needs. Multi branch has users in more than 130 countries and we have had more than 5,000 successful installations up until June 2021. We can also design and build a customized Web + Mobile solution based on Multi branch that best suits your organization’s needs.



The foremost objective of Multi branch is to provide a solution to the problems faced by conventional school management solutions. ie: Lack of online access, low data security, clunky user interface etc. Multi-school aims to reduce tedious paper works and makes the management of the school more systematic. We cover all aspects of school management including student enrollment, Student performance tracking, Timetable, Fees collection, Examination, Report generation etc. The system also works as an interactive medium of communication among administrators, teachers, librarian, hostel manager, accountant, human resources, students and parents.



  1. To automate routine tasks in school management and improve the efficiency of administration.
  2. To provide centralized management of academic data that can then be securely accessed from anywhere in the world.
  3. To enable and empower school stakeholders to identify problem areas and design effective solutions.
  4. To ensure smooth flow of information between stakeholders, management, staff, students and parents


  1. Web based - Allows the users to access the system from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Scalability - Makes the software capable of handling both small and large organizations and their increased demands.
  3. Customization - Enables the application to be modified in order to fit the exact requirement of the institution. Access Management - Two factor authentication and role based access controls
  4. High Level Security - We have implemented industry standard security protocols and technologies against malicious attacks.
  5. User Management - Our system nurtures the interaction between different user groups like administrators, teachers, students and parents.
  6. User Friendly - Intuitive and elegant interface design guarantees simple, yet effective user-system interaction.
  7. Mobile Friendly - Makes Multi-school easily accessible from Mobile devices, we are currently working on native Apps in Android and iOS.



Core Modules


Super Admin Module

Admin Module

Students Module

Teachers Module

Librarian Module

Accountant Module

Hostel Manager Module

Human Resources Module

Parents Module

System Activity Log

Internal Messaging

News and Events-Calendar

Subject Management

Standard Terminal Report Card

Student Grading

Send Student Score to Parent via SM

Live chat between the users


User Role Management

Import Module

Zoom Live Class

Jitsi Live Class

PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

Paystack Payment Gateway Integration

Voguepay Payment Gateway Integration

Twocheckout  Payment Gateway Integration

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

Paytm Payment Gateway Integration

PayU Money Payment Gateway Integration

SSL Commerz Payment Gateway Integration

Bitcoin Payment Gateway Integration

Twillio SMS Gateway Integration

Clickattel SMS Gateway Integration

SendPk SMS Gateway Integration

MSG91 SMS Gateway Integration

Hajanaone SMS Gateway Integration

Nexmo SMS Gateway Integration

Text local SMS Gateway Integration

Smart SMS Gateway Integration

Document Management

Complaints Management

Backup Management

Theme Management

System Upgrade Management

Module Management

Online Enrollments

Online Examinations

Student and Teacher Achievements

Manage Staff Loan

Helpful Links

Help Desk Features for Student

Manage School Circular

Standard ID Card Generator with Barcode

Standard Certificate Generator

Standard Computer Based Test (CBT)

Beautiful School Website

Online Payment acceptance of FEE.

Assign Task for both Students and Staff

Managing Media

Overdue Students List.

Send PDF Due Invoice to Student Email

SMS Alerts.

Manage Student Assignment

Manage Academic Syllabus

Support Ticket System

Manage Moral Talks

School Galleries

Check Student Result with PIN { Optional }

School Holidays

Auto Send SMS to parent for absent student

Parent Market Place

Manage Student Transportation

Manage Student Hostels

Track Student Behaviour

Position Wise Report Card

Live Search Student

Dark Theme Feature

Right to Left Features for Arabic Student

Upload of Done Assignment for Evaluation

Beautiful Statistical Dashboard

Keep Track of School Alumni

Student Wallet System

Primary Modules

  1. Examination Module
  2. Attendance Module
  3. Timetable Module
  4. Fees Module
  5. Reports Module
  6. Downloads Module
  7. Export Module
  8. Notify Module
  9. Settings Module

Please find below a brief description of the features covered in each module.

Multi branch management

  1. Super admin login.
  2. Able to manage multiple school branches
  3. Single click login & switching between all branches in the group:
  4. Easily login and see what other portal can perform all the actions they can
  5. Generate comparative reports between the branches
  6. Centralized User/ User role management:
  7. Dashboards for Super Admin.
  8. Consolidated reports.
  1. View the News, Events and Mails from a single screen.
  2. View Overall figures about Attendance, Examinations and Fees and many others from a single screen.
Internal Messaging
  1. Compose, Read, Send and manage messages
  2. Send messages to a single user or a group of users
  3. Advanced Administrator – Teacher - Student – Parent  Admin – staff interactions
News and Events-Calendar
  1. View and Publish latest school news
  2. Create, View and Manage events and event types
  3. Organize events in a hierarchical structure
  4. Quickly access the calendar and track/plan upcoming events
School Module
  1. Admissions Dashboard and Online/Offline Admission Management
  2. Add students to waiting list
  3. Add, View and Manage Guardian details
  4. Create Student Categories
  5. Create Student Logs and sort them by categories
  6. Monitor, manage and sort students using custom filters
  7. Generate PDF reports of Student profile
  8. Generate PDF reports of the search results
  9. Online Student document storage
  10. Track student attendance, exam performance and fees
  11. Add rewards and achievements
  12. Add, edit fields in student registration using dynamic form management

Teachers Module

  1. Create employees and Manage Employee details
  2. Manage and Assign Teacher Category, Department, Positions and Grades
  3. Monitor, manage and sort teachers using custom filters
  4. Generate PDF reports of the search results
  5. Create Teacher Logs and sort them by categories
  6. Categorize the leaves using leave types feature
  7. Teacher attendance management
  8. Teacher Leaves Request management
  9. Assign substitute teacher when a teacher is on leave
  10. Subject association for trainers/teachers
  11. Add rewards and achievements

Translation / Localization

  1. Change the default language in Multi-school to your language of choice
  2. Manage translations and spelling for the translated words according to slang/accent variations
  3. Translate up to 200 words in a single click
  4. Allows each user to set their own language preferences
User Role Management
  1. Create and manage user roles
  2. Define new roles and restrict access to modules
  3. Complete security from unauthorized access

Import Module

  1. Import Students
  2. Parents and Employee details from Excel sheets and CSV files
  3. Bulk excel mark download/upload for students scores

Examination Module

  1. Examine the student academic performance
  2. Set Grading levels
  3. Create and manage exams
  4. Enter scores of the exams
  5. Publish Results
  6. Assessment dashboard to view summary of examinations
  7. Generate PDFs of report cards.
  8. Manage Co-Scholastic skills

Attendance Module

  1. Batch wise and individual wise management of student attendance
  2. Department wise management of teacher attendance
  3. Manage Teacher leave types
  4. Auto tick mark for present students and teachers
  5. Mark the absence of students and teachers
  6. View and manage the details for availed leaves
  7. Send SMS notifications to guardians about the absence of students
  8. Generate Attendance PDF for student and teacher monthly attendance
  9. Compatible with Flexible Class Timings

Timetable Module

  1. Set Weekdays
  2. Allocate teachers to available class hours
  3. Create, generate and maintain timetable for each class
  4. Notification to avoid time overlapping
  5. Print the timetable
  6. View Teacher’s Timetable
  7. Set Timetable with Flexible Timings

Fees Module

  1. Interactive Fees dashboard
  2. Create Fees Categories
  3. Add Particulars to the fees categories
  4. Add taxes and discounts to fees
  5. Set fees specific to Admission numbers or student categories
  6. Generate Invoices
  7. Manage invoices
  8. Export invoices to CSV
  9. Print invoices in PDF format
  10. Configure PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Voguepay, Twocheckout, Paytm, SSLCommerz, Bitcoin, PayU Money settings for payment from Student and Parent Portal

Reports Module

  1. Create comprehensive reports per student
  2. Generate Reports for Employee and Student attendance
  3. Track students with low attendance % and send reminders to parents

Downloads Module

  1. Upload various documents, learning materials to the online storage
  2. Download single or multiple files in single click
  3. Create File categories to further refine and set the uploaded content privacy

Export Module

  1. Backup or export the Student and Employee details from Multi-school to CSV Excel files
  2. Convenience of selecting the data fields to be exported
  3. Bulk excel mark export for students scores

Notify Module

  1. Send Mass-alerts to your users
  2. SMS and Email group messaging
  3. Editable Email HTML templates
  4. Enable / Disable system generated notification during actions like Student Registration, Teacher Registration etc.
  5. Enables the sending and receiving of SMS to the registered mobile numbers of users
  6. Automatic SMS Reminders
  7. Customize the alerts for which SMS is being sent
  8. Attach an already existing SMS gateway to the Multi-school System
  9. Track SMS count


  1. Manage School information with School Logo, Principal’s profile etc.
  2. Switch Application Orientation between RTL or LTR
  3. Manage academic years from previous academic years.
  4. Manage authentication for login (Single / Two-step verification)
  5. Archive previous year information for future reference
  6. Easily Switch Between different academic years
  7. Set school default theme

Payment Integration

  1. Collect online Fee Payments to your personal or company’s Payment Gateway Account
  2. Student and Parents can make Payments towards invoices via Credit card or Debit Card

Documents Management

  1. Collect soft-copy of Certifications from Students and Teachers during Enrollment
  2. Manage Soft Copies of Certifications Achieved by Teachers and Students

Complaints Management

  1. Create complaint categories
  2. View complaints registered by the Students , Parents and Teachers and other custom users
  3. Review the complaints and change the status

Backup Management

  1. Allow admin to take complete database backup
  2. Feature to download and restore the database
  3. Upload backups to the application

Theme Management

  1. Change themes for Admin Portal
  2. Change Portal Themes
  3. Allows parent, student, librarian, accountant, hostel manager, human resources, admin, super-admin, and teacher to change their portal themes without affecting other users

System Upgrade Schedule

  1. Schedule time for system upgrade
  2. Make the portals offline during the system upgrade

Module Management

  1. Enable / Disable the modules in the application

Online Enrollments

  1. Allow Online Admission and Enrollment of Students
  2. Approve new candidates and alert them of status
  3. Track Application status using unique enrollment ID
  4. Set documents to be collected during the online registration

Online Examinations

  1. Create and Manage Online Examinations with Predefined Answers
  2. Create and Manage Question Pools

Student and Teacher Achievements

  1. Create and Manage Disciplinary and Merit Log for each Teacher and Student

System Activity Log

  1. Keep track of any user activity along with their name, role and IP
  2. Filter the activities based on the activity type and the date range

Hostel Module

  1. List and Manage Room Details.
  2. Add Hostel Details like name, address etc.
  3. Create, Allot and Vacate Rooms.
  4. Manage Mess, Menu types, and assign cuisines to students.
  5. Manage Mess fees and sent notification mail for unpaid fees.

Transport Module

  1. Add Vehicle and Driver Details
  2. Create Routes and Stops.
  3. Allot students to routes.
  4. Manage School transport fees.
  5. Manage Log of All Buses

Library Module

  1. Add book details.
  2. Search and List all books.
  3. Manage the Lending, Returning and Renewal of books.
  4. Create Book-Categories and Author lists.
  5. Send Reminder SMS about the due dates

Purchase Module

  1. Create and Manage Vendors List
  2. Create and Manage Items List
  3. Manage Requisition of Items with Multi level approval process
  4. Manage Current Stock
  5. Issue Approved Items to person
  6. Create and Manage Purchase Orders
  7. Manage Sale of Items
  8. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Generate Sale Report
  9. Tracks Item returns

HR Module

  1. Manage employee payroll register
  2. Generate pay slip for employees
  3. Manage award, leave types and leave requests of employees
  4. Track Monthly Salary Reports

Teacher Portal

  1. Dashboard which allow the teacher to view the News, Events and the mails
  2. Send and receive messages
  3. View News, Events and Events calendar
  4. Download notices, forms etc.
  5. Upload lecture notes, assignments for student
  6. View and verify own profile
  7. View own Attendance, leaves etc. and mark Student Attendance (class-teacher only)
  8. Request Leaves and view the status of the application
  9. View Timetable, and enter marks (class-teacher only) for Exams
  10. View Achievements and Rewards
  11. Register complaints and view its status
  12. Change login username and password
  13. Change portal theme
  14. Change language preferences
Student Portal
  1. Dashboard which allow the student to view the News, Events and the mails
  2. Send and receive messages.
  3. View News, Events and Events calendar.
  4. Download notices, forms, assignments, lecture notes etc.
  5. View and verify your own profile
  6. View Subject, Attendance, Time-table, Fee details, Exam Results etc.
  7. View class mates and class teacher
  8. View and search books lent and available in the school library.
  9. Register complaints and view its status
  10. Change login username and password
  11. Change portal theme
  12. Change language preferences

Parent Portal

  1. Dashboard which allow the teacher to view the News, Events and the mails
  2. Send and receive messages
  3. View News, Events and Events calendar
  4. View and verify own profile and students profile
  5. View Course, Attendance, Time-table, Fee details, Exam Results etc. of the wards
  6. Support for multiple students (siblings) for a single parent
  7. Register complaints and view its status
  8. Change login username and password
  9. Change portal theme
  10. Change language preferences
  11. Real time chatting
  12. Print student terminal report

Librarian Portal

  1. Dashboard which allow the teacher to view the News, Events and the mails
  2. Send and receive messages
  3. View News, Events and Events calendar
  4. View and verify own profile and students profile
  5. Manage master data
  6. Allows Book to be Published
  7. Book Author
  8. Book Category.
  9. Register Student
  10. Manage Request Book
  11. Manage Leave Application
  12. Check award from the school admin
  13. Manage book department
  14. Apply for loan and check loan approval status
  15. Real time chatting
Accountant Portal
  1. Dashboard which allow the teacher to view the News, Events and the mails
  2. Send and receive messages
  3. View News, Events and Events calendar
  4. View and verify own profile and students profile
  5. Generate invoice
  6. Manage Invoice
  7. Real time chatting
  8. Send Invoice Via Email.
  9. Manage Expenses
  10. Apply for loan and check loan approval status
  11. Manage Leave Application

Human Resources Portal

  1. Dashboard which allow the teacher to view the News, Events and the mails
  2. Send and receive messages
  3. View News, Events and Events calendar
  4. View and verify own profile and students profile
  5. Add users
  6. Manage payroll
  7. Create payslip for the employees
  8. Manage teaching and non teaching staff
  9. Create Award
  10. Manage Leave Application
  11. Manage department
  12. Real time chatting
  13. Manage Recruitment
  14. View own award from the admin
  15. Apply for loan and check loan approval status
  16. Apply for own leave

Hostel Manager Portal

  1. Dashboard which allow the teacher to view the News, Events and the mails
  2. Send and receive messages
  3. View News, Events and Events calendar
  4. View and verify own profile and students profile
  5. Manage Hostel
  6. Manage Hostel Category
  7. Manage Room Type
  8. Manage Hostel Room
  9. Real time chatting
  10. Apply for loan and check loan approval status
  11. Manage Leave Application

School Website ·        

  1. Allows new student registration
  2. Allows visitors to chat or contact school admin via contact form
  3. Views school events, news and blogs with school banners, read about your school such as school mission, vision and objectives.
  4. And many other interesting features

Add-on Management

  1. Google Meet Add-on
  2. Big Blue Button Live Class
  3. And Your Requests

System Requirements – Live Server

  1. PHP >= 5.6
  2. PHP Mcrypt Extension
  3. PHP MBString Extension
  4. PHP GD Extension
  5. PHP MYSQLI Extension
  6. PHP MYSQL Extension
  7. PHP CURL Extension
  8. Internet Connection
  9. Rewrite Module Enabled
  10. MySQL 5.5.x

System Requirements – Local Server

For Windows

  1. Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, or higher
  2. 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended)
  3. At least 150 MB available disk space for a default install via download.
  4. After installation and deletion of temporary installation files, Multi-school will use approximately 150 MB disk space
  5. 1024 x 768 or higher resolution with at least 256 colors

For Mac OS X

  1. Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or higher
  2. 512 MB RAM
  3. 150 MB available disk spac
  4. 1024 x 768 or higher resolution with 16.7 Million colors


  1. Linux kernel version 2.4 or higher, glibc2 version 2.3.2 or higher
  2. 1 GB RAM (2GB recommended)
  3. 150 MB available disk space
  4. X-Server with 1024 x 768 or higher resolution with at least 256 colors
Seen is believing, check out the demo below to verify all the above features
Demo: HERE

Please read our license agreement for more information on the refund and product policy.

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    We so much love this software. Support is also great from the developer. Thanks

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    This is the best. We have been looking for a software like this. The support is the best from the author, couple with the complete source codes given to us. I can also resell to my clients. Thanks

  • sivpheng seng

    3 years ago

    This is good for our branches. I love the support from the developer. Thanks man

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